Friday, September 10, 2010

Just My Luck-y

Okay, now that dog has done it. Both figuratively and literally, that dog has peeed on my carpet and my life. His life will soon change, too.


  1. oh... Is that how you spell Pee in the past tense?

  2. Time: 8:51 am
    Location: Same
    Temperature and Humidity: Same

    Left a note on the concierge's desk regarding the state of the furnace. I'm beginning to wonder if she even lives here; the Post-it on the grille proclaiming that she'll be back "sometime" is a permanent fixture. I don't think people even see it anymore - they interact with the desk as if it was still manned.

    I saw a bearded man talking to the empty space behind the desk three days ago...though it could have been that he was just insane. I can never tell.